Ifor Williams TA5 4’H/ROOM Livestock Trailer

Model Details

West Of Ireland Plant and Trailers presents the Ifor Williams TA5 4’Headroom Livestock Trailer for sale in Galway. A popular choice of Ifor Williams trailer the TA5 4’H/Room is constructed with a galvanized steel chassis and drawbar which offers durable corrosion protection.
The Ifor Williams design on this small livestock trailer features high strength, impact-resistant aluminium side panels, which help make this trailer durable and long lasting on Irish Roads. The flooring on these Ifor Williams trailers is designed with durable, pressure treated timber planking, protected by 2mm thick slip resistant aluminium treadplate.
The Ifor Williams TA5 4’ headroom trailers are wider than the P6 and P8 at 5’. These small trailers are fitted with extra width side vents and flaps providing for more ventilation when towing. The TA5 4’H/Room models low headroom and increased floor space, ensures that wind resistance when towing is reduced, making for comfortable and easy journey when travelling long distances. The Ifor Williams twin axles provide a maximum gross weight of 2700kg. The Ifor Williams TA5 4’ Headroom trailer is available to view at our WIP showrooms in Galway.


Model Tyres Gross Weight Unladen Weight Internal Length Internal Width Overall Length Overall Width
TA5 8’x4’ H/R 165R13C 2700kg 610kg 2.32m 1.53m 3.92m 2.10m
TA5 10’x4’ H/R 165R13C 2700kg 710kg 3.12m 1.53m 3.92m 2.10m
TA5 12’x4’ H/R 165R13C 2700kg 790kg 3.72m 1.53m 5.20m 2.10m
TA5 8’x6’ H/R 165R13C 2700kg 725kg 2.32m 1.53m 3.92m 2.10m
TA5 10’x6’ H/R 175/75R16C 2700kg 875kg 3.12m 1.53m 4.60m 2.10m
TA5 10’x7’ H/R 175/75R16C 2700kg 910kg 3.12m 1.53m 4.60m 2.10m
TA5HD 12’x6’ H/R 175/75R16C 3500kg 1005kg 3.72m 1.53m 5.20m 2.10m
TA5HD 12’x6’ H/R 6.50R16C 3500kg 1005kg 3.72m 1.53m 5.20m 2.10m
TA5HD 12’x7’ H/R 175/75R16C 3500kg 1030kg 3.72m 1.53m 5.20m 2.10m
TA5HD 12’x7’ H/R 6.50R16C 3500kg 1030kg 3.72m 1.53m 5.20m 2.10m


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